Monday, February 01, 2010

Welcome To February In Zone 5

It's not a pretty sight is it? - not my yard, not my flamingo!  There has been a little glitch downloading my camera or you would be seeing my wooden goose.   I have been feeling very frustrated looking at not alone my photos but all of the beautiful photography of plants on the gardening blogs.  What can we do in the garden in February when it's still too cold to garden?

Seed starting (under lights)

Cleaning and oiling of tools (I am not great at doing this, but I know I should)

Planning of gardens and containers

Ordering perennials

Buying seeds to start outside (if you wait too long some varieties like parsley and lettuces dissapear)  

Cutting your Type 3 clematis at the base (you don't have to take all the vines down, but it prevents them from sprouting all over the vines if we get a warm spell).

Think about your pots!  I know I have several I haven't used productively in several years - why am I  keeping them when someone else might use them?

Call landscaping contractors soon, they get booked up very early in the season - even if  you just have a little job.  Also, their pricing is always better before they have booked several jobs.

Order garden furniture (if you want something special everything takes twelve weeks).

Forget all of the above and go on vacation!