Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Summer Of Discontent

I really hate to call it that but for me it really was a summer I do not want to repeat.  My ideas of gardening have changed drastically and I am not totally sure it is warranted.

I have to rethink the amount of space I am giving to the roses, first the beetles, then mildew and rose midges.  It is recommended that all of the mildewed branches be cut off, bagged and put in the garden waste bag.  There is really no cure for it and spraying is a preventative not a cure.

I don't want to be burned again, and I use this term loosely!  I was like the mad waterer but I know many people lost large amounts of landscape material including some large evergreens and trees.

The south side raised bed has been redone (except for the Miscanthus Udine) with a move for Helopsis Loraine Sunshine and the rearranging of Chicago Apache Daylily with the addition of Eryngium Big Blue in the middle.

I have kept Miscanthus Udine in the middle of the raised bed but it is really getting too full, flops in a storm, so I will really have a decision to make in the spring.  I love the look, so if I can't keep it up away from the path I will have to find a more controllable grass.

This one is a keeper Cimicifuga Atropurpurea such a treat this time of year, adds a softness to the back border.

This is the opposite view facing towards the front of the house.  I love the way this is another see through plant that blooms in the fall.

Verbena Bonariensis will probably be back strong next year as it reseeds quite easily.  I don't mind because it is another see through plant that doesn't interfere with anything.

Our weather had turned cool in fact too cool in certain areas and I am hoping that fall does not go to the extreme as that we experienced in summer.

Even with the cooler weather Blue Paradise Phlox is getting ready to rebloom, hope it makes it before a frost.

Pink Knockout is reblooming and seems to have escaped the rose diseases.  Jack Frost Burnnera looks good until the end with just a few black spots on the leaves.  Bob's Blunder Geranium just loves to weave through whatever it is near.

Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash was cut back after blooming and it is rewarding to see all of this fresh new growth for the fall garden.

I am really beginning to love the dark foliage in the garden interspersed with greens and variegated foliage and especially the colors of the perennials flowers in the spring summer and fall.

Eupatorium Chocolate stays dark all summer and begins to lighten as it produces flower buds to bloom in the fall.

Weigela Wine and Roses replaced Helianthus Lemon Queen.  It just wasn't right for my small pathway, gave some to my daughter who has a much larger area to place it.

Geranium Bob's Blunder is a groundcover geranium which is dark leaved and winds its way through other perennials (Heucherella Sweet Tea) without overshadowing the plant.

Geranium Bob's Blunder produces both large and small leaves with the smaller leaves producing the abundance of flowers.  In my opinion this is a wonderful creeper!

This is a mum called Bedazzled Bronze which is bred to grow in a rounded shape by Yoder, who is a major mum producer.

Bedazzled Bronze
We forget about snapdragons but manytimes they come back and bloom from spring through fall.