Friday, March 11, 2011


In this age of digital photography with the touch of key we can revisit our gardens anytime we wish.  This is my veggie garden a few years ago.  I could barely harvest my bounty so I have scaled down a bit.

I had two areas of New Dawn Rose, on my arbor at the back of my garden and on each side of the pergola.

Needless to say, it was a beauty, but constant maintenance to keep it within bounds.  It did not bloom throughout the season for me and was just about to take down the structure with it's weight.

I still have my Persicaria but each year I rethink if I want to keep it along the path.  It is very impressive and blooms most of the summer, but the first storms wreck havoc on it.  I will try anchoring it to the fence with some thin wire, however, the stems are hollow and bend easily.

I used to have Phlomis tuberosa planted in front of the Persicaria and it was very lovely for about a month.  It also was quite fragile and would end up all over the ground.  I have ordered a stronger variety this year, Phlomis russelina, although it is yellow.

Pholomis russelina

I still have May Night Salvia but it tends to thin as the years go by.  I think it may need a rejuvenation this year because it really does like this hot spot on the south side of my home.

Just because it is a perennial does not mean it lasts forever.  They require care, many times more than annuals, deadheading and dividing.

This was my Nepeta Walker's Low with Foxglove Grandiflora coming up through it.  I kept the foxglove but the Nepeta went up to Wisconsin.  It took over the small pathway, lots of bees and did not look good for most of the summer.

I just love this Echinacea Orange Meadowbrite but it is the least hardy of the bright colored coneflowers.  I have replaced it a few times and many nurseries have stopped carrying it.  The lighter Mango Meadowbrite is much hardier.

I am going to make some changes on the north side, too many hosta.  Some hosta will remain but I am going to insert some various shade plants for more interest.  For now, the carex grass will remain even though it takes trimming throughout the summer.

Things are always changing in the garden sometimes by choice and other times by necessity!

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