Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Collectors Garden Revisited

I was back at my brother's and sister-in-law's garden to document some of the changes that have been made since last year.  The pond is still beautiful in this 1930's home, not a plastic pre-formed pond but poured concrete.  Their children when young used to try to skate on this pond, must have been very tricky!

The Persicaria is in the background and being held up with a vintage headboard.

My sister-in-law is always out in front regarding what is going on in regard to garden art.  Take a look at some of the ideas that can be incorporated into the garden.

This old faucet is not going to spill into this cup.  Plates collected from the antique store with vintage cup attached.  Note the crystal as a drop of water under the spout.

A vintage crystal bowl with a vase and plate attached at the top, bird added to make an unusual birdbath.

Places to sit and then some places you can't sit!

A remembrance garden for Barb's mother, engraved stone and Addie Branch Smith Daylilies donated by me.

A couple of her mother's birdhouses

Another remembrance garden for my mother with her favorite saying on the fence.

The car is now part of its own garden.  These were placed throughout the downtown area where they lived and then auctioned off for charity.  Various communities have done this through the years with cows, penguins, snowmen, etc.  Large glass blocks are holding up the planters.

Everything you can think of using in a home is used in Barb's garden.

Everywhere I looked there was Autumn Joy Sedum like frames around the picture of the gardens.  Mine flops but Barb says hers do not and are like a sea of pink in the fall.

There is room in the back for the veggie garden.

The old wooden compost bins were dismantled and new resin ones put in their place.

We all have different ideas about how our gardens should look, but the most important thing is that the garden should be you!