Monday, March 19, 2012

Educate - Hort Couture

To appreciate a garden show, it should educate us in regard to a different way of doing things and this show certainly did that.

A pergola made out of logs

A small garden area accented by a piece of rusty fence

Conifers intermingled with perennials

We don't often think of planting conifers in the midst of a perennial bed.  Usually the evergreens are lined up in the back along the foundation with shrubs and perennials in front.

A class on spring potted arrangements

I love this berm with just about everything, conifers, perennials and shrubs.

The White House Raised beds were depicted in an even more upscale manner.  The garden show organizer actually went to Washington to see the White House Beds.  He was very proud of the fact that he even made them look better!  Raised beds are bigger than ever, and as you can see, can be placed right on the lawn.  I am not sure how easy this would be to mow!

Guess what?  Everything is in rows again, remember we were told to plant in threes and fives in triangle formations not soldiers!

I kind of like the look of these massed rows!  I have nothing planted in rows, just triangles but it looks like they may have incorporated the triangle formation within the rows.