Thursday, May 03, 2012

Around The Garden

It has been really warm again eighty-six degrees and lots of storm warnings.  I don't remember the plants ever being this large and full without the insect damage we see in the summer.  The foliage is lush and the flowers plentiful and huge.

Clematis Fireworks is a Type II and really puts on a show sharing this side of the pergola with Autumn Clematis.  When Fireworks is done I will cut it down to rejunivate and make room for its late summer partner.

Clematis Bee's Jubilee Type II is paired with Fireworks on the other side of the pergola.  It disappeared last year covered by Fireworks, so I had to make sure it had its own area to grow this year.

Dicentra Goldheart is new in the garden and just lights up the area along the fence.

Brunnera Jack Frost is beautiful through three seasons really pops against all of the green foliage and flowers.

Clematis Dr. Ruppel is another Type II and just stunning against the gray of the fence.  This year the rabbits had plenty of food so they did not decapitate the clematis during the winter.  Therefore, the Type II's survived with all of their vines and huge blossoms.

Pagoda Dogwood

Clematis Snow Queen Type II shares the trellis with Dr. Ruppel.  I like to plant more than one clematis on many of my trellises.

Clematis Ville de Lyon is a Type III that I have finally begun treating like a Type II to get it to bloom.  I did not cut it down this year and voila lots of buds and blooms. 

I am giving the Sunpatiens a try this year, saw them last year at Ball Horticultural Test Gardens and was impressed at how well they did out in the open with intense sun.

I have destressed my containers this year with less in them and some simple ones with only a couple of plants, some tropicals and you won't believe it some black.  I don't do black in the garden but somehow black jumped out at me this year for the containers.

Dahlia Lolo
Black leaves, more black to see when I complete the container!

Coleus Sedona and Sweet Potato Vine Black Heart

Oxalis Molten Lava

The Nemesia will not last through the heat in our area.

The radish tops have grown back from the rabbit forage.

I am working on my containers, definitely downsizing in regard to number of containers and number of plants in each container.  Our climate has become so hot in the summer that multiple containers are too labor intensive.  I still have a lot but less than last year!