Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lovely Lilies

Daylilies and Lilies are great partners in the garden even though they are not in the same family.

Orienpet Satisfaction
This is a very tall lily and stands without support.  I have it on the east side and it still fades slightly in the heat.
Daylily Red Rum
Looks great with Brunnera Jack Frost
Geranium Blue Sunshine climbs on an obelisk in the border.
 Orienpet Lavon Lily
The fragrance of the Orienpet lilies is wonderful!
This one came with an unlabeled mix, will not do that again as I do like to know the variety.
Daylily Eileen Clymer
Asiatic Lily Graffiti
Daylily Mary Todd
Daylily Happy Returns
Small, early, nice in front of the border

Daylily Space Witch
Interesting Daylily in that it blooms at different heights, some stalks short and some tall

Daylily Ice Carnival
Blooms in the vegetable garden with the spent daylilies looking better than most other mushies

Daylily Mauna Loa

Orienpet Lily Conca d'Or

Daylily Joan Senior

Orienpet Lily Altari


There are more lilies and daylilies coming and there's always room for one more in the border!