Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter At Gatsbys Gardens

I don't normally take many photos of my winter garden unless it is covered in snow.  However, this year, we have not had any snow except for a dusting.

I love the look of a four-season garden without the snow and the many variations of color and texture.

There is a great deal of color with the greens, browns, tans and reds in the front border.

Azalea Karen has darker leaves in the winter but they add a richness to the border.
Amsonia Hubrechtii Northwind Select
The Chanticleer Pear is just beginning to lose its rich brown leaves.
The Liriope beneath the pear tree stays green most of the winter and it looks lovely when there hasn't been any snow.
Hydrangea Limelight is a star in the winter landscape.  I left most of the blooms on this year because it was so full in the summer.
Many heuchera keep their color in the winter such as this one, Southern Comfort.
Pennisetum Hameln is a great border grass for winter interest, does not flop or mat.
The Type II Clematis Henryi might just survive this winter, I mean survive the rabbits who cut it to the ground when there is more than a few inches of snow, very small flowers if cut down.
I left up the Miscanthus Udine again this year because it looks so good especially if there is not a heavy snow.  This is not a grass that pops back up like Northwind after the snow melts.
The border of Green Velvet Boxwood along the patio always brightens up the garden!