Monday, May 07, 2012

Rain In The Garden

It rained heavily all last night and it rained all day today.  It has been dismal but the garden loves the attention.

Hycinthoides Blue
I put in three colors last fall, white, pink and blue.  I wondered why Northwind Perennial Farm only had blue when I visited last May, now I know why.  The blue is the color that has the most impact, will be ordering some more blue for the fall.

Amsonia Northwind Select
I purchased three of these last spring at Northwind Perennial Farm (not on the market yet), slow growing, not very noticeable flowers but the fall color is to die for!

Halcyon and August Moon Hosta (both can take sun) with Ghost Fern.  It's all about color not flowers.

This is a hosta that cannot take the sun and I have moved it a few times.  I may be moving it again before it gets scalped by the lawnmower.  I no longer remember the name of it so I can't look up best growing conditions.

Clematis On The Arbor

Clematis On The Fence

Endless Summer Hydrangea
It got nipped a little by the frost but it has tons of flowerheads this year.  It could be an unusual year but so far the secret is don't cut it down and don't feed it more than a light sprinkle of low nitrogen acid fertilizer.  It is an experiment still in progress!

Weigela Dark Horse
This is ideal for a smaller display growing about three feet wide and tall, again about color.

Heuchera Plum Pudding
This heuchera has never reached it's full growth capacity even after several years.  However last year I moved it away from the daylilies that were directly in front and it seems to be growing larger.  I think it may have just needed its own space.

Ninebark Summer Wine
The ninebark is just getting ready to bloom first pink then turning to white.  It is a beautiful shrub throughout three seasons.  Many of the dark leaved plants look great in the fall when many of the "green" ones start to show wear and tear.

Polemonium Brise d'Anjou (Variegated Jacobs Ladder)
Even if it didn't have a flower it would be a beauty in the garden.  I had many of the solid green ones at my old old house.  I am slowly creating a shade garden under maturing trees with some of my favorite plants.

I ran out several times today to put plants in the ground getting a little wet in the process, but overall if was a good feeling to plant and have nature water them in.