Monday, October 11, 2010

Gardening Can Bring You Back In Time

As my doorbell rang, you know the Reggie dog is racing for the door and I am calling my husband for help and trying to catch the dog before opening the door.  There is a nice lady standing there with two apples in a plastic bag asking about my big hydrangea out in front.  I told her it was Limelight and she stated she was having several put in that she bought at Home Depot.  Oh, she also asked for a cutting of Limelight and I told her to take one that didn't face the house because I am leaving quite a few on this year for winter interest.

Before she left I asked her name and when she told me I recognized it as one that I had met at least twenty-five years ago when shopping with my daughter.  I said we went to high school together didn't we, and after exchanging information we both stood there in shock!

In the past year I have met several people at the garden clubs that are out of my young adult past and we have thoroughly enjoyed going over old memories and catching up on what we do now.  Gardening is not only for a lifetime but it brings people together with a common bond.

She didn't see the Unique Hydrangea around the corner.

As she handed me the apples I said, let's get together and talk, she is a poet and I am a garden blogger what better combination could you have!