Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Giving Up The Garden

Many years ago in my earlier gardening days I would be complaining about the heat and my garden that seemed to be giving up.  I have come to find out in subsequent years that it was not the garden it was me!  I very rarely took into account the various blooming times of each plant, if I liked it I planted it.

My extra early, early and some mid-season daylilies are all blooming at the same time like a musical concerto leading up to a crescendo.

Eileen Clymer is an extra early daylily that has been blooming for over a month.  I have never had a first year daylily like this with scape after scape arising from the soil with multiple blooms.

Happy Returns an extra early bloomer is in two areas of my garden, reblooms very little for me and is not as floriferous as my other daylilies.

Mary Todd is early, heavily scaped and very showy in the garden.  You might have to divide it every three or four years but the display is worth it.

Hyperion is an older variety that I brought from my last home.  I have moved it a few times but I think it has found a home on the south side of my home.  It is classified as early to mid-season.

Red Magic Daylily also came with me from my last home and blooms the same time as Hyperion.  They are together again and hope they will like that hot side of the house.

Miss Amelia is my see through daylily as you can actually plant shorter plants behind it and they peek through.  This is an early to mid-season daylily.

I love huge flowered daylilies but have to remember that the large flowers go with large scapes and leaves which can become unsightly in the garden bed.  I try to pull out the leaves that yellow before bloom and always cut them down to the ground after the entire plant has finished blooming.

Daylily Chicago Weathermaster is rainproof, blooms early to mid-season.

Arnie's Choice early to mid-season
Named after Arnie Morton Chicago Restauranteur

Red Rum is a shorter early to mid-season daylily, larger flower.  What's great about this daylily is that when you cut it down other plants in the border take over.

Dark Ruby early to mid-season has always been a problem for me as far as color and where to place it.

I am trying it with the white Becky Shasta this year.

Maybe I will try it with yellow or lime green!

I don't know what I was thinking that July was the end of my garden!  I now know that it is just the beginning for daylilies alone.  They have become the backbone of my garden from May through September!