Friday, July 02, 2010

Around The Garden

It has been a week of deadheading, cutting back, tying up and fertilizing.  I have always disliked July because things begin to look scruffy and like they are done for the season.  However, when I force myself to boldly cut back those plants that can take it, I am rewarded with fresh new growth and the motivation to continue gardening.  Many years ago, I used to want to give up this time of year what with the insects, browning leaves and lack of new blooms.

I know with all of the "super" annuals, it lulls us into the feeling that we do not have to do any maintenance on these plants.  This is simply not true, as they can become very leggy around this time of year and need a little bottom haircut.  If your plantings are climbing all over each other, don't hesitate to give a little pruning so each plant can show their beautiful blooms.