Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Camera in hand I headed out to take a few last photos of the fall garden.  I was pleasantly surprised to still see such color and interest even as we enter the month of November.

My Accolade Elm has turned a beautiful golden color.  This is the tree that lost over a third of its root system in the spring with the gas company digging to repair a pipe, hope it survives.

My neighbor's Red Maple stands out among the other still green leaved trees in the background.

Home Run Pink continues to bloom without clipping off the spent buds.

Rose hips have formed on Pink Meidiland rose.

Knockout Rainbow is stunning this time of year!

Home Run Red

Cinco De Mayo

Eupatorium Chocolate is always a pleasant surprise at the end of the summer.

The black potato vine has held up much better than the green ones, not as trailing but much hardier.

The display of seedheads on Panicum Northwind

Sedum Autum Fire in the alley garden

Sedum Vera Jameson in the alley garden

Echinacea Meadowbrite Mango

We harvested this lettuce for our Halloween dinner and it was delicious.

Solomon's Seal is a delicate beauty even in the fall.

I call them my Dinosaur Ferns but I know they have a Latin name?

These are the Autumn Ferns that I planted this summer in the bed under the Chanticleer Pear.  I have cut back the Lirope to plant bulbs.  The ferns must like it because they have doubled in size.

Hydrangea Unique
This specimen does not weather as well as Limelight but is certainly worth growing for its long panicles which can be cut at various stages of color and dried.  I think I will cut the rest of the flowers off for spraying with color for the holidays, maybe gold!

The plumes of Miscanthus Udine

Pansies by the veggie garden

Heuchera Southern Comfort
They will keep their color all winter.

Heuchera Carmel

The front resin planter has done well with the swiss chard in the background.

I have not done the mustard before but I like it for its dark coloring and height.

Rudbeckia Tiger Eye
I think Rudbeckia is my new favorite, blooms for an extended time into the fall and can take a light frost.

Plumbago is a great fall groudcover with blue flowers and leaves that turn a deep red.

I have lots of allysum that still looks great.  I will leave it until spring, shake it out and it will reseed all over.