Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Make My Day!

It didn't start out as a great day!  My grass looks terrible, I needed a haircut and I could only see a lot of work ahead of me in the garden.  It was 64 degrees and my bags of admendments were still strewn around my raised bed vegetable garden.  I needed to move out some plants before I can work the soil and plant my cold weather seeds.

I worked around the back garden cutting, raking bagging, etc.  The grasses are always beasties to cut down, tried cutting the Unique Hydrangea but the stems are so thick I am going to have to bring out the monster pruners to do this.  The Blue Dart Vinca (unlike my grass) is this rich color of green.  I have never seen the leftover fall leaves glued to the grass.  I literally picked some of them off the grass by hand - rake could not lift them. Nothing is blooming in my garden!  I even cut down the rest of my type 3 clematis because I couldn't get to them last week - leftover snow.  Before I rest I must spread my fertilizer in all the beds - just like feeding chickens. 

Oops, gotta run and get that haircut, going right by Home Depot, stopped on the way back home, and what I found made my day!  It is the beginning of my Spring containers - it's early, but I can throw a bag over them if it snows, or I can bring them inside, as the pots slip out.