Saturday, December 03, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ....

I can't believe how fast this has all come upon us, the 2011 Holiday Season!  I met my gardening friends at a local nursery and it is so pleasant to shop there because they have an indoor greenhouse.

This was a huge container and very pricey, just pick it up and carry it away to your home.

There were some smaller versions which were more affordable.

Winterberry is beautiful, very expensive and hard to keep for the winter season.  If you can find faux that will withstand the weather or use pepper berry which will last throughout the season.

On to a great shop later in the week known for its creative decor.  I couldn't pass up a beautiful runner for my sideboard.  I have made my own previously and know this was a deal if only for the trim.

I couldn't pass this one up as I know what it would cost me to make this, sometimes buying ready made is smarter.

I found a few more treasures like these gilded pine cone candle holders, reasonably priced and unusual.  The three candles in the front are battery candles which flicker and are lovely without the worry about burning candles.

I can never pass up little birds, good luck you know, to put on my table by my living room staircase.

A round tablecloth from Home Goods, I trimmed it in braid, gathered up on four sides with a tassel.  The tablecloth was reasonably priced, trim and tassels from Hancock Fabrics.

I love having seasonal pillows but I always try to purchase them after the holidays at reduced prices.

I found Father Christmas at Hobby Lobby at half price for the top of my little tree by the fireplace.

On the other side of the fireplace I have faux, not very big on having a lot of real greens in the house until a few days before Christmas.

Continuing on yesterday to another local nursery which grows all of their own poinsettias.  This is preferred to those that are shipped in from other locations because they are set to bud later, last longer and will enhance your home throughout most of the winter season.

Poinsettias, mums, ivy

Smaller cyclamen with variegated leaves

Larger flowered cyclamen

I could not ignore the Amaryllis that was blooming, think this one was called Elvas.

The Paperwhites are beautiful but you don't want to buy them like this now or you will not have blooms for Christmas!

The tall amaryllis are blooming but may not be blooming for Christmas.

Some baskets are already made up with ivy, cyclamen, schefflera and poinsettia.

Poinsettias, cyclamen and Norfolk pine

I bought a red Poinsettia for the living room.

White Poinsettia in the container on the living room coffee table

I am trying another cyclamen, smaller variety, in the dining room.  We'll see how long I can keep this one alive - cool, light, moist not wet!

I couldn't pass these up, half price, and was able to plant them in the pre-frozen soil.