Sunday, April 10, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

This saying has never been so true as today with above eighty degree temperatures from temps in the forties and fifties.  Spring is exploding all over the place, grass growing, buds swelling, daffodils and tulips opening and the promise of things to come is everywhere.

Hyacinth City of Harlem

Hyacinth Pink Pearl

Hyacinth L'Innocence

It is almost too warm for all of these early spring bloomers.  The temperatures are expected to drop to more normal spring weather after some heavy thunderstorms.

Early Sensation is a large cupped daffodil that blooms earlier than all the others.

Daffodil Marieke

Myrtle Blue Dart
Blooming close to foundation where it is warmer

Daffodil Itzim

Daffodil Tete-A-Tete

This is a mystery plant, I did not plant this but I am on a hundred year plus property so this may be a plant of the past.  Before it opened, it looked like some sort of hyacinth or scilla.

Tulip Early Harvest

My new plant for the spring garden
Rockfoil Neon Rose