Monday, November 01, 2010

The Mad Bulb Planter

It is not too often we get all of this planter's delight weather to clean up our garden and move the plants that didn't do well in certain locations.  Can you believe I have moved some of these plants three times.  They had better work out next year or they are gone.  I know it is not the plant's fault, it is mine, but I have run out of places to move them.

Betty Corning in the shade of neighbor's lilac

The Duchess Of Albany has lush foliage but not many blooms.

Individual flowers looked good but there were not many of them.

I received another bulb delivery last week, this is the fourth and I am having trouble keeping up with the planting.  I am trying, but I still have some bulbs left to put into the soil, along with cutting down my garden and putting it to bed. 

I want to move Duchess Of Albany Clematis, it is huge and in too much shade.  This will be the third move for the Duchess and the last.  I have already moved Betty Corning to a much sunnier location and cut down Sweet Autumn Clematis (I know it is a type 3, cut in early spring, but it is overpowering on the pergola).  My bet is it will survive because it is so tenacious and goes wherever it feels like.

Clematis Duchess Of Albany (how it should look and with the darker variations)

Clematis Betty Corning (lots of blooms and a lovely blue under the correct growing conditions)

I put in a mixture of Orienpet Lilies in between the Happy Returns Daylilies which are in the raised bed and added several more in front of my Panicum Northwind in the back garden.

Mixed Orienpet Lilies

Allium Schubertii was so fascinating at my garden club presentation, I was actually hesitant to plant it because the sphere was so large, but it is only 16" tall.  Needless to say, I ordered some for planting out in my front garden.

Allium Schubertii

Allium Globemaster added to the back border

I planted a new species tulip in the back border after reading many glowing reports about its beauty.

Species Tulip Tangerine Beauty

There is still time to plant some bulbs, as long as the soil can be worked,  How exciting it is to see something new coming up in the spring!