Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mr. Wizard

When I was a young child, there used to be a person on television called "Mr. Wizard."  He was an expert at experiments and could do things that would always amaze us.  Now, I am not saying that I am Mr. Wizard, but I am trying some experiments this year.

My first experiment was with a product called Plantskydd, a critter repellent.  I tried it in three different gardens, one completely overrun by rabbits - most perennials eaten last year, one with spring bulbs tops eaten and the other with various plants and bulbs eaten.  The product was applied in early March and reapplied in the overrun garden because mulch was put down.  Not one plant has been eaten or chewed in any of the three gardens.  The product is guaranteed against animal plant damage.  I know, no one wants to believe this, it it not inexpensive, but it seems to work.

My other experiment is the layered raised bed vegetable garden.  I have really gone big time this year, layering just about everything.  I am also experimenting using the philosophy of Art in the Garden and incorporating the colors of famous artists in my containers and garden beds.  My final experiment is the seed starting that I said I was not going to do, but I have done it without my lights.  I am now hardening off Nicotiana, Saliva and Amaranthus (Love Lies Bleeding).  They are all so fragile I hope they make it.

Mr. Wizard (Don Herbert) I hope you will be proud of me for being an experimenter!