Friday, August 13, 2010

The Invasion Of The Killer Tomatoes

You know I have a small raised bed vegetable garden that this year has become a layered garden.  The lettuce is long gone, green onion sets all eaten, seed onions still growing, carrots are very tasty and have enhanced two meals so far and still going, bumper pepper crop and cucumbers doing well on the 45 degree angled trellis.  I usually do not like cucumbers but the home grown ones taste so much better than those waxed ones in the store.

Mariachi Peppers

But, my five tomato plants are going crazy - completely tangled together because the Beefsteak in the Dura Cage fell over when one of the legs broke.  So, I have to guess which tomato I am eating although some are such a distinguished shape that it is easy.

Brandy boy is not a true red, almost pink, and large like a Beefsteak - not thrilled with the taste.  I have two Celebrity tomatoes which are determinate and reliable each year producing plenty of tomatoes - not the taste of a Beefsteak but much better than store bought.  I am also growing a Pineapple Heirloom Tomato, but I have not tasted this one yet.  I think I have picked a few but not totally ripe yet.

Bush Cucumber

Dahlia in Veggie Garden

The Basil has been great this year already producing a delicious pesto and plenty more to cut.  I have already given tomatoes to my family but I am wondering how much sauce can I make?