Saturday, February 06, 2010

Martha's Got Her Groove Back

OMG!  My March Martha Stewart Living came yesterday!  I have always been a Martha Stewart fan, even when I refused to make the pansy cake that took four days,  I have most of her magazines right back to the beginning.  My children even call me "Martha," because I use so many of her recipes for our gatherings.

Over the past several years, her magazines have been a leaf through, maybe one idea or a recipe here and there.  But, I never gave up on you Martha!  Then yesterday, I could barely get off of each page, one after the other I was captivated - a multitude of houseplants on Martha's front porch, step-by-step directions for faux stone pots and tables, outdoor lighting, the five senses in the garden, daisies, fragrant gardens (I am definitely seeing a different Martha).

The food is really doing me in.  How can I possibly cook all of these recipes (I am beginning to feel like Julie from Julie and Julia).  In Good Things Martha talks about infusions of herbs, tarragon, lemon verbena, thyme and peppermint and then gives directions how to make a tower of herbs with clay pots.  Martha, you are really on a roll - haven't seen you like this in years!

The recipes have got me in a tizzy, braised carrots with feta and parsley, walnut stuffed chicken roulades, a salad with heirloom tomatoes, peaches and ricotta, tangerine and lemon marmalade crepes and she continues on and on ending with a flourless apple pecan torte. I haven't even touched on half of what is in this issue - it's unexplainable, but Martha certainly has gotten her groove back!