Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Is White A Color In The Garden?

Well, I guess it depends who you ask.  Some scientists say that white is the embodiment of all colors, ask a painter and he says if it comes in a can it's a color.

Chanticleer Pear
A stronger pear tree than the Bradford, great for smaller properties or tight areas in the garden, the smell of the flowers is not pleasant but the beauty is worth the little offense to the nose.

Star Magnolia
The flower structure is really beautiful, just about done with the green leaves ready to emerge.  If you are going to prune, this is the time to do it so next year's blooms are not damaged.

Amelanchier Regent has had its difficulties throughout the past six plus years.  I finally fed them a systemic last year rather than the organic fertilizer that I had been giving them each year.  This year several branches had to be pruned out because the weight of the snow broke them.  This is the best they have ever looked!

Allysum Snow Princess
This is a newer introduction by Proven Winners, most floriforus of all allysum

White Daffodil Thalia With Yellow Itzim

White Emperor Tulip

I guess I never thought of Pussy Willows as being white, but upon close examination, they are many shades of white.

Dicentra Spectablis Alba
Not quite white yet, will have to revisit this one

I love bright colors, soft colors and everything in between but white in the garden seems to enhance all of them!