Thursday, July 22, 2010

Containers - What's Working And What Is Not!

This is the time of year I go into a funk about my garden, but this year it is not so much the garden as it is my containers.  I am not in despair over all of them but some that I thought would be wonderful, like my hayracks on the shed, I have already replanted.

The insects, slugs, japanese beetles and who know what else have really ravaged some of the plants along with the heat and rain.  Well, it kind of gives me a road map as to what I will try next year - not dahlias, the earwigs have had a feast. 

Front Concrete Planters
Those great petunias have weathered the storm and they will definitely have a place in my containers, not bocapa, all green and no flowers.  I can always count on impatiens, no damage, just need lots of water, fibrous begonias a winner, lobelia (laguna), ivy and geraniums all going great.
Bubble Gum Supertunia

Blue Ceramic Containers
I will use more moss next year to protect against evaporation on the top of the containers.  It already seems to be helping on the ones I have recently mossed.

My tropicals have been stunning this year, crotons, sedums, etc., have all put on a show.  The hanging baskets have struggled to stay alive with the heat even though they have been watered every day sometimes even twice.  My hayracks were been planted with dahlias (big mistake) get mushy from rain, dry up from heat. 
Agave, Red Rosie Hens and Chickens, Creeping Jenny and the mystery yellow (also a succulent) plant that I didn't think was going to do much.  Now I wish I knew the name!

The Rooster pot has come back!
 Oh, what would we do if everything was perfect? 
Cast Iron Containers
Irish Pots in the border with Pineapple Coleus

Pink Impatiens and Orange Reiger Begonia on patio

Fushia Autumnale spilling from the cast iron containers.  It is a bronze and green colored leaf and it really blooms.  I think I would pinch it next year to fill out more rather than getting so long.  However, it is lovely!