Monday, June 14, 2010

Jack And The Beanstalk's Garden

It isn't often that I worry about plants getting too big.  I usually worry about them growing and thriving in the heat with a lack of moisture,  This year has been unusual with rain a few days each week.  I haven't had to water the lawn or my beds, but I find that the baskets and containers dry out because of the flower coverage that acts like an umbrella.  The plantings under my trees have also required water because of that umbrella effect.

I have had to move my rooster container to the back of the garden because the Rozanne geranium grew twice the size it has been for the last three years.  It was covering the cascading petunias causing them to not flower.  I hope they will be revived.  My large patio containers had to be moved out of the shade created by my Autumn Clematis which has already covered the top of the pergola (something it usually doesn't do until August).

My Persicaria is eight feet tall this year, and I have secured it with some thin garden wire, also wired my Miscanthus Udine so it doesn't flop with the excessive rain.  The containers by the back arbor and path also had to be relocated in order to receive more sun.  The lilies, clematis, phlox and daylilies are so large this year they have overshadowed the Costco containers, so I moved them to the front of the arbor.

It's an unusual season, slugs are out in full force, mildew is settling in, the rabbits are finding lots of juicy stems, but the "garden police" are out there keeping order!