Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dreaming Of Spring

The puppy has kept me in the mode of being a new mother, not something most people want to go through after having human babies that are all grown up!  However, it is getting a little better, sleeping through the night, being able to withstand the crate for a few hours and not having too many accidents.  Duffy has lots of hair on his back but it will be a while before the face hair fills out.  He is a cutie and I think will be a wonderful Westie.

Duffy Five Months

I was just thinking the other day what he will do to my spring garden.  Our yard is fenced but he may be on a leash for a long time until he can leave the flowers on the stems.  My daughter's Westie used to whip off the daffodils as he ran through the garden(many plants are toxic to animals).

Do you ever order bulbs and then forget what you have ordered?  I really wanted to do some unusual tulips this year and spent a great deal of time covering them in chicken wire and mulch and sprinkling Plantskydd on top.  So far, so good, but as soon as the weather warms I will have to apply a topping of more Plantskydd because the rabbits will be looking for those little nubs to poke through.

I did find my order receipt so here is a peek of what I will have coming up in the spring garden!

Christmas Orange Tulip
Orange Princess
Sensual Touch Tulip

I did order some Allium Christophii (Star Of Persia) just gorgeous at the Lurie Garden in Chicago and Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin.

Allium Christophii (Star Of Persia) Northwind

Allium Shurbertii is a yearly order because the bulbs do not always produce as large specimens the following year.  They really are a conversation piece!

I know I did order some more of the Spellbinder Narcissus because they are so sturdy and last a very long time. 

Bravoure Daffodil

Two years ago I planted many Hyacinthoides and soon found out that the blue ones are the most prolific.  So, last fall I put in a variety call Excelsior.