Friday, August 16, 2013

Downy Mildew

We were warned!  Some nurseries had signs this year but many did not and many stated their impatiens were fungus free.

It does not show up very much on the top of the leaf, so you have to turn it over to see the mildew.

I did not put in very many of the affected impatiens this year but they sure were a beautiful addition to my north side path garden.  It will not affect any other plantings, but the color is gone from this part shade garden!

I pulled all of them out and will not take a chance on putting them in next year.  New Guinea impatiens are not affected by this problem.  It is a shame to not be able to use the Walleriana variety because they are reasonably priced and the effect is much more showy than the New Guineas.

It is advised to wait at least three years before replanting impatiens in the affected area.