Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visions Of Sugarplums

It is difficult to be a gardener this time of year but our efforts in the colder climates need to move indoors.  I have never done as well with indoor plants and assume that they just don't like me!

I brought the dracena in from the patio this fall because I love the magenta stripes in the leaves.  So far it seems to be thriving.

I can't count how many indoor plants I have lost from too little or too much water or maybe too much or too little fertilizer.

The Ziva Paperwhites are pretty foolproof and never disappoint.

I am never going to plant the amaryllis again in the water and colored beads, potting soil it is from now on.  The water developed a major odor and I had to dismantle everything and wash the beads and the glass container, don't remember this being a problem last year.

Candy Floss Amaryllis is ready to open after changing the water.

Red Lion Amaryllis

My little birds are already nestled between the faux greens on the dining room table.

Vintage mirror adorned in the corner

Cyclamen still alive and flourishing