Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Real McCoy

I have collected McCoy pottery for many years and use the vases and containers throughout my home.  It is whimsical, in many colors, and has been priced well so that most people can afford to acquire some pieces.

In my home, you would never know I was a collector since I have it spread throughout.  Country Gardens magazine (January 2014) gave me a new inspiration for my McCoy pottery.

I have relocated many of my McCoy pieces to the kitchen on stainless steel shelving and above my kitchen sink.

They made vases, planters and even wall pockets (owls).
Planters that sit above the kitchen sink and a vase that was my aunt's.

McCoy began in 1848 and the trademark was abandoned in 2000.  There were many sales in between with different affiliations and names, but that McCoy name held on for 150 years.

The header is a large McCoy container (I have two) which now reside in an upstairs bathroom.  The author for Country Gardens suggests that pieces such as this be put out in the garden for the summer to add color.

I guess we should all look at what we collect, group them together if possible and think of them also as garden ornaments!