Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Tiny Cottage Garden

When you have a small garden, it is difficult to develop diverse, interesting areas throughout the property.  Sometimes, an area just speaks to you and you just know how it should look.  I have an area with a cedar shed where we store the snowblower, garden supplies and some garden containers.  It is on the side of my raised bed vegetable garden.  This is very small area, but it definitely is visible and not suited to formal plantings.

It is a house-like little shed, with a shake roof, window and hayracks on two sides.  Clematis Rouge Cardinal is a backdrop on one side with Rainbow Knockout Rose (this is my favorite Knockout, it is a free spirit, changing colors and very long blooming).  Art's Pride and Mango Echinacea look so appropriate in this setting.  They are much more whispy than White Swan or Magnus type varities.  The baskets are planted with Profusion zinnia, verbena (not the hybrid type -  think it is called Great Expectations).  Everything in this area looks a little looser than the other garden areas.