Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Misunderstood Bloggers

Bloggers come in many different categories, some blog for a living, some blog for a little living, some blog for technically nothing, and some blog for nothing. 

Do we realize that the general public believes that bloggers are in it for the money?  I have had several questions through the past year wondering what I make!  When I say I make nothing,  they ask why there are advertisements on my blog.  Sometimes, I don't know what to say since I have only racked up $10.00 for a year and you only get paid in merchandise when you have accumulated $100.00.  Well, I calculate this to be ten years until I get paid.

I have been told more than once, we would love you to take pictures of our artwork, home, etc., only to be notified after you have spent a great deal of time, NO, we do not wish to be on a blog!

Blogs are everywhere, but have they really come into mainstream America?  I don't think so, they are not in the neighborhoods, they are not down the block yet.

I guess if we exist in our own little blog world there is not a problem, but when we advertise ourselves with our friends or the groups that we belong to we realize that we are not yet understood!

I have learned so much this year about blogging, communicating, photography, computer skills, gardening, plants, plant zones, countries, people and most of all about myself!  Thank you blogging friends, I look forward to an even more productive year!