Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Love You Hosta, But I don't Know Who You Are!

The title really tells you my relationship with hosta.  I just buy it and plant it.  Oh, I do take note of the name on the plant tag, but keep it or remember it is a definite NO!.  Hosta inhabits several locations in my yard, lighting up the shady areas never asking for anything in return.

My husband's favorite is one that we brought from our former home, and I have it planted towards the back under my Pagoda Dogwood.  It is curley and variegated, knew the name at one time but no longer.

I have two favorites Halcyon and August Moon.  They are spectacular together but do require division every so often, especially August Moon.  Talk about color, these two have it hands down!  Another two that I very much admire are Paul's Glory and Patriot.  They are variegated and have so much "pop."  I am definitely not a hosta expert, but I wish I could at least remember all of their names.  I have a great one up towards the front of my house, and as I pass it I say, "I really like you whoever you are."