Sunday, April 07, 2013

Mulch, Mulch

I have used all different types of mulch throughout the years, cedar, no float, bark, Scott's Brown Mulch and lately a shredded hardwood mulch from a local nursery. 

This last one is the one my dogs have voted the best as they immediately want to roll in it!  It is the most expensive but it looks wonderful in my garden beds.

The larger mulch lasts longer and does not wash away easily, useful in areas that retain a lot of water.

About half of my garden does not require mulch, Blue Dart Myrtle and Liriope cover the ground.  Groundcovers though great looking all year can be difficult to plant through and I have chosen to keep my rose and more delicate perennial beds groundcover free.

My grass in the back garden looks terrible this year from lack of winter snow cover (grass dessication) and I am not sure it will all come back without help.  I have lightly raked and over seeded.  Maybe I should mulch the whole yard?

This winter has caused some other issues with the emerging spring bulbs (some had come up in the fall) tops are burned and the flowers look like they are going to be blasted (dried up inside).


My poor Accolade Elm in front that had been root damaged over and over was trimmed by the village this winter to accommodate the root loss.  Last year it was severely attacked by inchworms leaving it with a multitude of chewed leaves.  This spring I will treat it with a twelve month systemic by Bayer to get rid of the inchworms and fertilize for the first time in two years.  It was recommended not to fertilize after root damage (too much stimulation).

That crooked branch that is jutting out belongs to the tree across the street, hope this newer little Elm survives!

Oh well, I am cleaning my outdoor furniture, fertilizing the beds, pruning the roses and pretending that spring has come!