Friday, September 10, 2010

Around The Garden

Pretty soon there won't be much to see around the garden except for sticks and mulch!

Heliopsis Lemon Queen

Boltonia Pink Beauty

Boltonia Nana is a light blue and blooms most of the summer (much shorter than the other Boltonias)

Phlox Miracle Grace (this phlox bloomed in the container for two weeks before I planted it)

Laura and Franz Schubert Phlox (still blooming if you deadhead)

 Plumbago and Marigolds planted when Becky Shastas were cut down

Cinco de Mayo has bloomed very little this summer, eaten alive by earwigs and japanese beetles,  happy to see it back for a grand finale!

One lonely Becky Shasta has come back

Mango Hibiscus (getting much deeper as the weather cools)

 Coleus Redhead

The above coleus is not mine but a planting at my local nursery.  I will definitely be looking for this one next year.

Coming Fall Containers (I'm working on them)

Have a great weekend!