Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Is Just Around the Corner

This is a fall grouping by my garden shed, mums in baskets, faux pumpkins, faux Reggie, Vera Jameson, Bronze Sedge, Rudbeckia (peeking out) cabbage, superbells, pansies, curly willow all with a background of still blooming summer perennials.

The concrete urns on each side of the garage are planted with deep colored cabbages, Vera Jameson Sedum, Bronze Lights Swiss Chard, rudbeckia, purple pansy, faux grass which has been separated out to give a more natural look, and marine varnished faux pumpkin on florist stake.  I used to use real pie pumpkins but the squirrels climbed up on my container and made a big mess.

I have tried to use my summer plantings whenever possible.  I  left the Creeping Jenny and the Profusion Orange Zinnias and added some violas and Coffee Twist grass.

I used smaller different colored cabbages along with a red swiss chard with orange and blue pansies.  The pansies are small this year so I hope they grow fast so we can see them.

I kept the cordyline from the summer as a backdrop and added peacock cabbage to the brown ceramic planters.

The cast iron containers are out in front with a very tall blue green grass from the summer plantings.  It looks very nice with the blue-green cabbages and frosty looking sedge.

Becky Rudbeckia is an annual in my area but I have had luck with Prairie Sun up in Wisconsin coming back three years in a row.

Fall begins next week, so I will be adding some gourds and small pumpkins  to the containers.  Halloween is a big holiday around here, so I will get to put out some big pumpkins and spooky things!