Sunday, October 02, 2011

All At once!

Everything seems to happen all at once!  How many times have most of said this and wondered how we were ever going to get it all done.  We have been trying to get some outside repair and maintenance done before the snow flies.

The trim on the outside was painted this summer, looks good but now the front gutter is stopped up, leaking etc.,  It has been a few weeks of big ladders and big bills.  The chimney cap blew off in that monster storm we had in June or was it July?  We now have two new shiny caps.  Oh, the ladders are to repair the stucco which had damage from a leak a few years ago because of a chimney rim that was too small!  Yikes, there is a garden below all of this.

Azalea Karen does not loose it's leaves in the fall.

Weigela Dark Horse had great bronze purplish leaves in the fall.

The color of the Rhodies is very vivid this fall.

I have also been a coordinator for our local house walk, good thing my house is not on it, featuring ladders!

Fall is back to the garden clubs, the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Illinois Extension Services, working with the children at Easter Seals and just enjoying the holidays and my family!

Autumn Fire through Little Kitten Miscanthus

Ninebark Summer Wine
They are darker than ever and look wonderful in the fall.

Heuchera Southern Comfort

Tthe cabbages will add color when the fibrous begonias are taken with the first frost.

Comtesse De Bouchard
It is back only if you deadhead it!

It is amazing how much color there is in the fall if we look for it and plan for it.

Getting set for fall and Halloween!

This is my one real pumpkin, supposedly has a thick skin that the squirrels won't like.

Zahara Zinnias are doing great on the south side of the house but will not last through a frost.

I removed the hostas on the north side of the house, Halcyon and August Moon and gave them to my daughter-in-law for the north side of her house.  I needed a little more interest so I planted Heucheras, Japanese Painted Fern and smaller hosta.  I still have bleeding hearts which will come up in the spring.

Peach Flambe is a Heuchera planted on the north side.

Hosta Tiara is a smaller hosta.

Heucherella Stoplight and Japanese Painted Fern

Clematis White Swan

Clematis Fireworks

Rozanne is a great all season geranium but sometimes it cannot be tolerated to weave wherever it wants, cut it back, keep it within bounds or you will not like it!
My toad lilies have taken to laying down on the ground.  There is obviously something I did not do correctly, maybe I need to pinch them in the spring!

I think I will do more of the Bugbane next year, so delicate and interesting looking!

The Volcano Phlox Pink with White Eye was slow to start this year compared to Bubblegum but is is much longer lasting.

Phlox Blue Paradise
Early blooming and very long blooming

Carefree Beauty Rose
The color has deepened with the cooler weather.

All The Rage
Still blooming and the best rose in my garden.

I know roses take a little work and can be frustrating if they are atacked by insects, but they are one of the most rewarding perennial plants because of their long bloom time.  If it weren't for the roses my garden would not be filled with blooms.

Rainbow Knockout Roses
I have several of these throughout the garden.

Single and Double Knockout Roses