Monday, August 23, 2010

A Sunday Cabbage Hunt

Well, I was not just looking for cabbages but I thought that if I could find a few more of my Let's Dance Hydrangeas at one of my favorite nurseries I would also pick up some large decorative cabbages.  My concrete planters in the back of my home have put on quite a show this season, but they just couldn't keep up with that western sun in the afternoon.  They look really spent so I thought I would just put in some cabbages if I could find them.

There are areas of containers, benches and fencing throughout the entire nursery.

Well, we arrived mid morning and hardly anyone was there so one of the salespeople spent quite a bit of time with me trying to find a plant that would replace the one I had asked for  (which they didn't have).  I finally thanked her for all of her time and expertise and went in search of my cabbages.  I spotted a frilly tall one in a container but was told this was the only one they have received so far.

I love these tall pots in the middle of a very casual garden.  They are unexpected because they look so modern and streamlined.  A garden should always have something unexpected!

More great containers and ironwork

Mums were on two long tables, tightly budded and from a Minnesota grower.  They looked wonderful, softly mounded and just a peek of the color ready to explode.  I dismissed them because I know if this weather continues mums will be a plant of the past by mid September.

This was a great display of Miscanthus, plenty of room!

I have frequented this nursery for the past twenty-five years, and it is a nursery, as they grow most of their own plants further west and truck them into this location.  They also buy some of their shrubbery and perennial stock from Proven Winners and of, course, their annuals are also bought from a distributor.  Although, they do grow some unusual annuals each year like Amaranthus, Love Lies Bleeding and Nicotiana Alata and many others that are difficult to start from seed.

There were many gardens labeled with the types of plants that would do well under certain conditions.

Pond Plants

Great dog items in both concrete and ironwork

I have purchased decorative iron fencing here as they are one of the few places that I have found locally that stocks a wide array of fencing, arbors and gazebos.  No cabbages this weekend but it gives me an excuse for another garden trip next week!