Sunday, January 09, 2011

Where Have All The Flowers Gone

My paperwhites are gone, my poinsettias are gone and my amaryllis is gone.  Even my cyclamens have almost stopped blooming.  The Christmas cactus has put forth some more blooms but it certainly doesn't look like a robust plant.

I can forgive the lack of flowers outside during our zone five winters, but to have a home devoid of any flowering plants I had to do something about this!

I headed off to Home Depot to pick up some parsley seeds and seed starting soil for my new plant light stand and guess what I saw - a huge tall rack of orchids!  They are a smaller variety all in beautiful colors and one that would look perfect in my living room.  I read somewhere that orchids are great decor in formal rooms.  I bought two orchids at $12.98 each which seemed like a fair price for these beautiful plants.

I should tell you that I have never had an orchid, always intimidated me as far as care.  Ice cubes I can do, they're called Just Add Ice Orchids (three ice cubes once a week and a little fertilizer once per month) success promised.  I even signed up on their website so they will email me once per week to remind me about those ice cubes.

There are many new buds, so I hope I can keep them alive to see all of these beautiful flowers.  They are tall but are "see through" plants so they can be placed in front of other objects without interference.