Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flight Delayed

This is a common flash on the screen at the airport, but no one lets us know this in regard to the seasons.  In my part of the country, the flight into spring has been delayed by approximately two weeks.  How do I know this?  Well, as bloggers we have photos throughout the year that are dated so it is a great way to keep track of blooming times throughout the seasons.

PJM Rhododendrons
Bloomed at least two weeks earlier last year

Believe me, I am not happy about this delay and everything is on hold in regard to planting annuals, even the garden centers are a hold this year with barely anything that would entice us to believe that summer is coming.

Front Concrete Containers
Not a good year for pansies with the rain and cold weather.  I will be putting in summer plantings before these even take off.  Pansies do not hold up in our summer heat, if we ever get summer heat!

Even my daughter-in-law's planter would look better if the pansies would fill out.

The Star Magnolia looks great this year even after quite a clipping last spring and fall to keep the branches off the adjoining path.  Only the bottom branches were trimmed in the fall, next year blooms will be lost if trimmed too late after blooming.

Kathy's Garden (my daughter-in-law)
Orange Emperor and Albert Heijn Emperor Tulips
Her Orange Emperors came back, mine did not - don't know if the squirrels found mine.

Gatsby planned an eclectic look for a house that has children and pets, not so formal!

I have Ice Follies in the back garden, last a long time and definitely pop being mostly white.

Monte Carlo is a great double tulip and the squirrels seem to leave it alone in the fall, even the rabbits avoid this one.  They are planted on the parkway around the Accolade Elm.  We had to have the parkway dug up by the gas company to repair a very old pipe.  They were very careful about the tulips, but I am concerned about the root loss of the tree.