Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let The Season Begin

My containers are put together, mostly because the weather has been so mild.  The Thanksgiving turkey has been eaten, lights are on the evergreens and let the Christmas music roll!

My favorite greens this year are Port Orford Cedar and Incense Cedar.  The dried hydrangea flowers are from my Limelight that I sprayed with a deep red enamel (will last all winter).

Pine cones are a great investment as they can be saved from year to year, sprayed and then resprayed when the gold or silver paint wears off.  Shatterproof ornaments are wonderful as they hold up very well through the ravages of winter.

I am enjoying this look with fall still in the background and the Holidays poking in with a splash.  Some Noble Fir was used in this arrangement to give it some upright structure.  All of the cones, fruits, grapevine balls are saved from year to year, with a little respray to spruce them up.  Again, those shatterproof ornaments add to the display.

I cut the greens on an angle, push into the soil, water well and spray with Wilt-Pruf.  The ribbon I bought at a decorating shop for half price, made the bows and streamers, sprayed with a product called Force Field which makes everything waterproof.  The is a spray that can also be used on indoor upholstery.

The containers in the back by the garage are similar but a little more casual.  I like the Huckleberry in the middle because it is a lighter green with tinges of red, looks a little like boxwood.  Again, I have used the Port Orford Cedar and the Incense Cedar, more rounded forms this year and not so much height.

I can't forget the shed with Huckleberry, some faux additives and a casual ribbon staked every so often with metal garden stakes so it doesn't blow away.

The faux garland with the red spray of flowers is plastic but from a distance it looks real.

I do a lot of baking for Christmas and have already started with some small breads, lots more come.  It helps to have an upright freezer that goes to zero (keeps baked goods without having that freezer taste).

Just to add to the excitement this time of year, we welcomed a new puppy into our home McDuff (Duffy).  He's a Westie just like Reggie, and I have to say Reggie is being very patient with his antics.

Duffy (8 Weeks)
The Amaryllis Picotee have sprouted but may not bloom for Christmas.