Friday, June 25, 2010

Major Storms And Tornado Warnings - Lilies

I took some photos of my daylilies and lilies late Wednesday afternoon before the storms hit.  I can't believe this weather, never before do I remember storm after storm without any let up.  Trains were stopped on the tracks, malls shut down, tornado signals shrieking to take cover and both sump pumps were working full time!

I don't remember a year like this with multiple storms, power outages and flooding.  I think we were lucky this time that we did not lose power.  I remember years ago when my children were little going to the basement with pillows and of course my purse.  Wednesday night I headed for the basement again, no purse, just my computer.

I had to cut back my Persicaria on Tuesday because it really took a beating in Friday's storm.  I deadheaded all of my roses, which have very little leafing out, and fertilized and trimmed back my annuals.  After the storms, I am sure there will be some further damage. 

I know there are some of my blogging friends that have been in the path of these storms, so I wish you only the best for your homes and gardens.  Thursday was bright and sunny, and I went about my garden work like nothing had happened.  Everything looked weeping and soggy but by midday were perking up and drying out.  Later in the afternoon I resumed my photo taking for Fertilizer Friday.  I am always amazed how quickly nature rebounds!