Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Plant Of The Year

The 2012 plant of the year is Jack Frost Brunnera.  It has been marketed since the year 2000 so it has had plenty of time to prove itself.

Brunnera Jack Frost in my summer garden

It is not inexpensive and unless you order it online it most likely will be in the double digits, worth the price because it looks fantastic for at least three seasons.

Three others received honorable mention this year including my favorite grass, Panicum Northwind, which I would call a four season grass.

Panicum Northwind

Panicum Northwind in its winter color in the alley garden

Heuchera Carmel also received honorable mention and I also have this one in my garden.

Heuchera Carmel is a tight leaved variety and looks good all summer and fall.

Heuchera Carmel is hardly a vision of itself in the winter, not sure I would have given this one an honorable mention.  However, I am judging them on looking good in all seasons maybe not the criteria for the Perennial Plant Association.

 Heuchera Peach Flambe certainly looks great at the end of December!

Heuchera Autumn Leaves

Heuchera Pistache

Heuchera Southern Comfort (shadier area)

Heuchera Southern Comfort (sun)

Southern Comfort is one of my favorites because of its coloration throughout the winter even in the snow.  Snow, what is that, we really haven't had any yet, hard to believe with the new year approaching.

The last honorable mention for plant of the year was Chelone lyognii Hot Lips.  I do not have this one but would certainly consider it for my shadier moist area.

Chelone Hot Lips

As you can see I do not totally agree with the heuchera choice, but that's okay I'll just keep trying the new ones that come out each year, if I can find a space for them!