Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Colossal Coleus

Do you remember what the word coleus used to conjure up in past years?  Well, I do, these rust, burgundy, green combinations of leaves that you planted in the shade.  I think I put them in one year and then decided that this was not my type of plant.

Indian Summer

Wow, have things changed!  Coleus is a temptress, a mood changer, and a vibrant plant in the garden.  How often do we get a plant that can grow in sun or shade?  I  am having trouble keeping up with the varieties and apologize ahead of time if I miss one or two.


Pineapple Splash

This variety had sufferred frost damage and very slowly is coming back, but I don't think it is going to reach full potential - tag thrown out with the other one that died.

Electric Lime

I couldn't contain myself sampling some new varieties this year and even convinced my daughter-in-law to try one that I couldn't fit in.  It was called Trusty Rusty.

I have only had a problem with one that I have grown in the past Sedona.  It is usually a very prolific coleus for the sun but this year I think it got a bug, stunted eaten leaves.  I sprayed it, fed it a systemic and I think it is on its way back but late to be a beauty.

Dipt N' Wine in my back concrete planters

Inky Fingers that I have grown for years can spread six to eight feet!