Friday, May 03, 2013

Spring Debut

Spring is really trying and I must admit I am enjoying the extended blooms on many of the bulbs.  The past few years they have bloomed and fizzled in the heat.

Daffodil Thalia
I don't know why I do not plant more of this daffodil, consistently comes back and multiplies each year.  I must put more of these on my list for next year!
Thalia can be formal or casual as they are around the Chanticleer Pear.
Chanticleer Pear
I love when plants peek out from all directions as these Rhodies do from behind the stone wall.
Also visible as you walk along the north side path
The tulips are lovely but I always plant them as annuals because for me they never come back with the same vigor or size.  This is a layered area and underneath will surface Hyacinthnoides and Amsonia Blue Ice.

Daffodil Spellbinder
Daffodil Itzim
Interplanted With Hydrangea Starlight
As the daffodils die down the hydrangeas fill out to cover the stems and foliage.
 Layering along the south border with grasses, daylilies, perennials and groundcovers all ready to emerge.
Looking through Limelight Hydrangea which is just beginning to bud.
South Border Front
Lots coming up, Daylilies, Heucheras, Groundcover, etc.
The groundcover acts as a background for blooming plants and as a cover for when those plants decline.
More layering, Allium of different varieties coming up through the groundcover and daylilies.