Sunday, June 20, 2010

Heat, Rain And Darkness

On Friday afternoon, we had 90 degree temperatures, a micro burst and then loss of power.  We just got power back this morning after two days of living like "Little House On The Prairie."  We bathed in cold water, put make up on in the shadow of light, cooked our meals on the open flame of the grill, listened to the radio (battery powered), wore wrinkled clothes, watched a Thin Man movie on a battery powered computer (didn't last through the movie) and drove around for hours looking for a generator.  We didn't have luck with the generator but picked up a spare battery for our back-up sump pump.

The wind was like that which Dorothy experienced in the Wizard Of Oz, whipping, turning, bending the small trees to the ground, splitting and uprooting the big ones.  It had even snapped several utility poles in the area.  We had very little damage, but all of the plants looked wind whipped.  Luckily I have learned through experience to anchor my trellises and clematis vines.

So today, Father's Day, we quickly went back to our normal way of life, automatic coffee maker, ironing my clothes, juicing up the computers, calling the cable company to get our TVs working, flipping on the air conditioning, warm shower and being able to see where I am putting my lipstick.  How fast we forget!