Monday, May 12, 2014

The Awakening

After a long bitter cold winter, it is difficult to believe that anything could arise from the frozen ground.  The freeze line went down four feet in our area this year so our back lawn is certainly a testament to this with only small tufts of grass displaying life.

We have over seeded and put down some topsoil but I see the birds out there every day, probably eating the seed!

Thalia Dafffodils, Orange and Sweetheart Emperor Tulips
Orange Princess Tulips
Flair Tulip
Sensual Touch Tulip
I guess you can see I like orange, especially with the colors of the spring daffodils.
Itzim Daffodil
Mount Hood Daffodil
This is an older variety but very much sought after for its pure white color.
White On White
Magnolia Starlight with a background of Chanticleer Pear
Amelanchier Regent
White is really a color in the garden!
Fothergilla Gardenii
This is a wonderful shrub with fantastic fall color.
Brunnera Angel Wings
Brunnera Jack Frost
The leaves become much larger as the season progresses.
Iris Gerald Darby
Known not for its bloom but for the wonderful foliage both in the spring and fall.
Red Rider Hellebore
This is on the north side of my home and blooms very late.  I will move my yellow one to this area as it does not bloom to the right of this one against the foundation.
Pachysandra Green Sheen
This is the most bloom it has every had, go figure after such a cold winter!
Dicentra Valentine Heart
Dicentra Spectablis and Dicentra Golden Heart In Foreground
Dicentra Alba
Worth having in the garden but not as many blooms as the pink variety.
Dicentra Eximia
This variety blooms throughout three seasons if you deadhead.
Raspberry Splash Pulmonaria