Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Winter Of Discontent

This is about all we can do based on the winter we are having!  I am a very active person and need to be busy all of the time.  However, this has been a winter that has thrown me to the ground with a constant feeling that I have to pull myself back up.

The ice has built up so we couldn't even venture safely out our back door without slipping, icicles hang over doorways so we are concerned about using these with the dogs or ourselves.  However, we keep plodding along, clearing the snow, knocking down the icicles, repairing the ceiling in the family room that all of a sudden developed a few six foot cracks in the paint!

I am listening to the news right now and as the cold dissipates then comes the snow!  I can't believe it, five days of snow!  My dogs seems to have adjusted better than me.  They are small and have a small property to navigate but have a great deal of fun!

I will be planting some seeds this weekend with the hope that spring will be coming!