Saturday, April 03, 2010

Instamatic Spring

Many of us will remember that was the name of a camera not "Spring."  However, in many areas, it seems to have come on instantly following frost and snow.  We are happy, our mood is on the upswing and we are giddy at the sight of all of the beautiful flowers.  Our gardens have exploded with color, so fast in many cases, that we go to bed in the evening and plants we didn't even notice the day before are blooming.

My daughter-in-law asked me yesterday how she could have all of her tulips blooming behind the daffodils for Easter.  They are all early tulips, Monte Carlo and Emperor but normally not quite ready to bloom with the early daffodils.  However, with all of the heat we have had it might work - how?  Water, water, water, not something you think about this time of year.  But, if you have high temperatures, your early spring flowers are going to need water.  We are getting some rain today so I won't have to water again this morning.

I looked like a crazy gardener out yesterday morning with my hose.  You would have thought it was the middle of summer, but to me it was with 84 degrees Thursday and 82 degrees yesterday.  We are supposed to get rain and cooler temperatures, but with the heat give your little blooms a drink and they will stay around a little bit longer