Monday, January 17, 2011

Plant Of The Year

In my garden the 2010 Plant of the Year was Phlox Paniculata.  I don't have a very large property, so I am limited in regard to how many varieties I can grow.
Phlox Blue Paradise

Phlox Blue Paradise in part shade - this is a phlox that can change colors during the day, from a very deep blue to a lighter magenta to a lighter blue.

Phlox Eva Cullum

Phlox David
I think I will be moving this one into the border.  It is in a very narrow planting area and is not growing to the size it should.

Phlox Franz Schubert

Phlox Laura

Phlox Franz Schubert and Phlox Laura

Phlox Miracle Grace
This is a new one planted last fall

Volcano Phlox Pink With White Eye
New last fall

Phlox Bubblegum Pink
This was an expensive one planted new last fall.

Phlox was not the only good performer last season, daylilies, lillies and heucheras were all stars.  However, phlox was a surprise adding not only color but a softness to the garden with many repeat blooms after deadheading.