Friday, June 18, 2010

Things Are Heating Up!

Lots of rain and now the heat and the surprise of how fast all of these lush gardens will dry out.  They have put forth an unusual amount of soft growth and will certainly balk at the above 90 degree temperatures.  Even though we have rain, extra watering will be required especially for the plantings we put in containers.

Think about the growth on top of these containers, instead of letting the rain through, the plants act as an umbrella and many times keep the soil dry (check them out).  As I walk around the garden, I am very aware that it is bug, slug, mildew, insect and very soon Japanese Beetle time.  Deadhead what is done blooming and you will be rewarded with many plants another flush of bloom, probably not quite as impressive.  Daylilies are just beginning and it does not affect reblooming to pick off the mushies, but it certainly makes the plant look much neater.  I cut my daylilies to the ground when done and they put forth new fresh leaves, again much neater looking.  I am also experimenting with Plumbago growing beneath the daylilies to take over for the late summer.

In my area, when Becky Shasta Daisy is done it is done, very little reblooming.  So, I also cut this to the ground and it makes a new beautiful green mat of fresh growth.  No flowers, but it looks neat and I am also trying Plumbago under shastas.