Thursday, September 02, 2010


We all know what yanking means, it is ruthless, not kind and definitely is the end of something.  Believe me, yanking is not easy to do, it somehow means we were not successful.  Oh, I know, the weather is to blame, not enough water, etc., but the end result is yanking!

I have been trying to rejuvenate these two hanging baskets by placing them on the ground and watering constantly.  I think they are going in the yard waste bag today, too much labor this late in the season.

I have yanked my hayracks on the north side of the house, my hanging basket by the back fence, my concrete pots in front of the garage and my hanging basket by the back fence.  I have salvaged some other hanging containers by bringing them down to the ground and keeping them there for watering.

Here's another one I was trying to save.  I have been tripping over all of these containers on my patio.

This is not something I like doing as many years I have enjoyed my annuals well into the fall season.  Not this year, I already have pansies hiding in the garage from the intense sun and heat, a few cabbages too.  It is supposed to cool off next week, can we believe this? 

Lemon Twist got so big it lost a large stem.
I will slowly be going around the garden taking plants out that are no longer viable, like my coleus that has grown beyond bounds, my impatiens around the front tree that look trampled and water starved, some of my tomato plants that look brown and savaged by the weather.  Oh well, I had better look at my alley garden as I have certainly neglected this one!

This is a basket that still looks good hanging on the fence in a protected spot from the sun.

I think I am ready for this!

These are faux pumpkins (you know I have that squirrel problem) from the craft store.  They are getting better and better looking each year.  Do you think the squirrels are going to try and bite them?  I'll keep them in the garage for a while because the real ones are not around here yet.