Friday, March 16, 2012

Inspire - Hort Couture

I attended the Chicago Flower and Garden Show last weekend with the Garden Writers Association and was pleased to find out that the rights to the show have been bought out by a private company.  This company will have more control over the theme they espouse, Inspire, Educate and Motivate.

The TREND is oversized containers even in small areas used not just for planting but as part of the outside decor.

If you take a tour of your neighborhood you will find as I did that most people use containers that are much too small for their home, myself included.  Stand across the street and look at the scale of your containers with your home.

TREND, outdoor furniture is looking more and more like indoors, less metal, more upholstered and outdoor wicker.

I would guess this is how we are supposed to look in these elegant spaces!

TREND, eye-popping color, tropical plants and vines being heavily used on the patio and in garden beds.

Small garden areas (not sure about the crooked tree) can be very effective packed with perennials and again this year with "house plants."

"Found" pieces have been popular in the garden for years but now we are beginning to see them used as part of outdoor vignettes rather than stand-alone objects.

Well, I am inspired!  I just have to win the lottery to put all of these ideas to use.